Trash the dress

 I found this vintage dress in a corner of my closet and the colors just spoke to me. I just needed someone to pose in it... and when Andreea called me saying she was ready for a photo shoot I was very happy. 
Sooo... here is the result of the COLDEST photo shoot I've ever done:

Team ( Andreea, Alina, Silvia and Silviu ) I thank you!!!!!

PS: Sadly, in this photo shoot we've lost both dress and purse :(

Dandelion, inspired

Model: Alina
Stylist: Eleni Alina
Photographer: Eleni Alina 

An older idea of mine, now came to life thanks to Alina. Enjoy !

From Malaga with Love

I named her Maria Bonita and saw her on the streets of Malaga. When thinking of  Spain it always comes to my mind her looks, so... even if street photography is not my thing, I decided to share her with other people too.

Forest Fashion Week

Model: Silvia Oana
Stylist: Eleni Alina
Photographer: Eleni Alina 
Location: Reci, Romania

All items used in the photo shooting are from the personal wardrobe. 

Skirt and scarf: designed and made by Eleni Alina (price on demand)
Shoes: Musette
Belt: H & M