Trash the dress

 I found this vintage dress in a corner of my closet and the colors just spoke to me. I just needed someone to pose in it... and when Andreea called me saying she was ready for a photo shoot I was very happy. 
Sooo... here is the result of the COLDEST photo shoot I've ever done:

Team ( Andreea, Alina, Silvia and Silviu ) I thank you!!!!!

PS: Sadly, in this photo shoot we've lost both dress and purse :(

3 comentarii:

  1. AMAZING! I love finding old things ahah!
    Also, I am a bit late but thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

    X Mallika
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  2. Ah so cute! And very christmassy, has a bit of a christmas elf vibe to me. Maybe it's just all the green ;)

    -LAURA xx